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    Jamboree is a website for children, young people, and parents written and illustrated by Samuel (who is writing now), aged 18, Wendy, (20) and Bethan, (23).  The three of us work with our parents Gareth and Lin, in writing, illustrating, and publishing books on education, as well as a monthly magazine.  We also have two websites; Freedom-in-Education, which is run by my Dad, and  Jamboree.  Our aim is for the Jamboree to be like an oasis in the middle of the desert; whilst everyone and everything is pushing parents, but especially those growing up, to do what they want them to do, we would like to remind people that this is their life, and they have the right to make their own decisions without being pushed into it by anyone else.  When a baby, we have such a clear idea of what we need and what we must have, and no-one can gainsay us, yet as we grow up, slowly we become sucked into things that we don't want to be doing; at first we still remember what it is that we really want, but after many years of grinding down we insensibly forget, until we find ourselves 18, out of school and totally un-prepared for life; our freedom is lost and we have forgotten our sense of direction which we knew so clearly all those years ago... maybe if we had been allowed to make our own decisions from the beginning, all this would not have happened, and a happy, well-balanced, person would be able to walk, with dignity, along the path of life.  I must acknowledge, with great gratitude to my parents, that I have never been forced to do anything I do not want to do, and it is to this that I can attribute  - in part at least - my present good fortune and happiness.
  So, this is what the website is about, to tell people, from our own personal experience, that when given the space a child has all the direction within them to steer to a safe harbour, and that, when self-motivated, the task of reaping all the knowledge the world has to offer, from mathematics to crafts and cooking to history is just too much fun!

- Samuel-        

Besides Jamboree, we have several other websites:
  freedom-in-education.co.uk  Our other education website run by Wendy, with a free monthly newsletter.
www.nezertbooks.net  is the website for our business, which sells the Freedom in Education Magazine, One-to-One, and Unqualified Education.
www.thecbj.com  is a website for our latest business - a monthly journal for people in the central Brittany area.  It's main feature is a comments forum.
www.entelechy-magazine.com  you might be interested to take a look at our latest creation - the entelechy website. Entelechy is a word used by the philosophers of Ancient Greece to describe the thirst for fulfilment, which everyone has. We have actually produced a 24-page glossy magazine on the subject, and this is the website to accompany it.

(from left to right) Bethan, Samuel, and Wendy

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SAMUEL is the webmaster and editor of the Jamboree, read an account of his life here



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WENDY is the editor of the School or Home and Crafts sections of the Jamboree, an account of  herself can be read here