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The maths books
As well as our two books, One-to-One and Unqualified Education, we have produced a set of four maths books, each with five hundred sums in, answers at the back, and a cartoon on every page (each about ninety pages long).

500 Adding-Up Sums 

How they came about
When we were writing One-to-One we were aware that mathematics was a subject too large to fit into one section. We were also aware that maths is a subject which many children hate, and which parents generally feel intimidated by; it is one of the things which school has put thousands of people off and one of the things which has the biggest scope for enjoyment. These were the main reasons we wrote our set of maths books.

The duckling from one of the maths books

What makes them different
The thing that makes these maths books different from others, and also makes them so enjoyable, is that the answers lead on from each other in a guessable sequence. For instance, the first sum on a page will make 767, the second 777, the next one 787, and so on. It is a very simple formula which works very well.

500 Taking-Away Sums

500 Multiplication Sums

How I found them
I have done sums this way all my life and therefore I see it as the most natural thing in the world. Doing a list of sums where the answers do not lead on, seems pointless and also boring. There is no excitement in going on to the next sum when you haven't already got a pretty good idea of what it is going to be. When I was doing these books I was always so eager to go onto the next sum, that I simply didn't want to stop. I remember one time in particular when I began and finished the multiplication book all in one day!
It sounds strange, but I found them as gripping as the most exciting chapter of a book and I frequently found myself laughing out loud as I worked out the answer - I wasn't the only one to do this either!

Who they are for
These books start simple: 1+1. Throughout the book they get imperceptibly trickier, till by the end they are as hard as can be. If one has started from the beginning one doesn't really notice the end ones being a lot more difficult than 1+1, and that is why it is good to start from the beginning. I would say they are not too young for anybody, but obviously they are too old for young children. Young children would probably be able to do them, but they wouldn't enjoy them as much as if they were older. For this reason, as with all maths, it is best to wait until the motivation comes from the child, and then the child is sure to enjoy them very much indeed.  

The dragon, from one of the maths books.

All in all, these are sums books I highly recommend. They are not only enjoyable, and quite addictive, but occasionally give one a glimpse into that vast and mysterious world of mathematics, which seems as hard to grasp or understand as the endless night sky, and leave one with quite a rare feeling of being overawed by numbers.

500 Division Sums


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