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we have both one-to one and unqualified education. They are both great we have children at both ends of the spectrum.


Love your website. Really interesting and so well done. Keep up the good work. Annette.

13 February 2006

What a wonderful introduction to the subject of 'Ancient Rome'.I very much agree with your assertion of the importance of studying from primary sources. History can so easily become a collection of rumours rather ending it as a game of Chinese Whispers - where you wonder if anyone really cares anyway if what they are writing is a true reflection of the way things were. Rather contradicting the above however, we have been reading a rather wonderful old book we came across in a book sale with our two children, called 'The Story of Rome' by Mary Macgregor. I think it is now sadly out of print but I am certain it would be easy enough to get a hold of second-hand. It begins with 'The Lady Roma' and ends with 'The Emperoror Augustus'. Each chapter is only three or so pages long but each is told in such an exciting way our children plead with me to read the next chapter and the next one. The distinction between myth and history is blurred but that very much makes it in the spirit of Roman History I feel.

Many thanks for the gingerbread house instructions. They look fantastic. We are really looking forward to making (and eating) it. Many thanks to you all again. Both of your sites, your magazine and your books helped us a great deal in making the decision to home educate and have fed and entertained us for the best two years (so far) of our lives. Most importantly of all they have helped us make the most of every minute of being together as a family.

Hi! My name is Kristen and I have been home educated all my life. I just wanted to thank you for this website and all the hard work ya'll put into it. I really enjoyed it! I'll check back soon!

I poked around and enjoyed it you guys have some interesting stuff here, keep it up and I'll check back.-arya

I want to be homeschooled because i get called names and teased and i have no friends but my mom will not do it. What do i do? -ashlee

Reply: Maybe you can get your mom to check it out. www.freedom-in-education.co.uk is a site for parents about home schooling.

We really fancy making a traditional German-style gingerbread house for advent this year. I was wondering if you had ever made one, had a recipe for it or could do a piece about the tradition please; for the December craft if it isn't too late?

Reply: What a good idea! It so happens I have some good instructions, and my family and I have made several ginger bread houses in the past. I will try to put them on-line for December.             - Wendy-

Any tips on getting to chestnuts out of the shells? All our fingers are getting a bit sore now and we've collected about 20 pounds. We have only managed one pound so far but the children agree the chestnut soup was really worth it. We are hoping to try your chestnut and red cabbage dish for Hallowe'en.

Actually I thought I might as well put in our chestnut recipe since the children enjoyed it so much and it was invented today! The ingredients are simply 1lb of chestnuts, five or so peeled potatoes, an onion and vegetable stock. We fried the onion gently then added the potatoes and chestnuts stirring for a minute or so. We then added about one pint of stock and a pint of water and a teaspoon of salt and sugar (this really helps the flavour). We simmered the soup for about half and hour and blended it (keeping some of the chestnuts out because they are really fun to discover in the bottom of the bowl). It was great served with a wholemeal loaf.

Hi my name is Zoe. I am home educated and I really like the Jamboree magazine. I always read it. my Mum has "One-to-one" and she thinks it's really good.

Hi i'm joseph, 15 and i am home educated and i love the recipes on your website

I do not educate my children at home, although I have often thought about it. However I still enjoy your website very much.

I've been home educating my son since birth and have found it highly beneficial. I loved this site and look forward to returning. It's now in my favourites! Thank you for sharing more 'positives' about Home Ed! It's like a breath of fresh air! Peace! Lee

hi wendy, bethan, samuel and family this is elin, your cousin here. i love your website so much and i enjoy reading all the different sections and links that you have on your website. i wish you luck for not only you website but also your newsletter. please email me soon love, elin xoxoxo

Nice web site I enjoyed reading. I wish you and your family the best of luck.

I think you're website is super cool