Christmas Garland

All the materials needed to make this festive garland can be gathered from the hedgerows or even from your own garden! It looks particularly attractive when hung on a chimney breast with sprigs of pine, ivy and holly, and a couple of red bows.

You will need:

Fir cones

Oak leaves, fallen from the tree

Beech leaves, fallen from the tree

A length of thin string

A sharp needle big enough to thread the string through

Diagram 1


Arrange the leaves and fir cones in the pattern you want them e.g.. two big fir cones, one little, two big, then a bunch of leaves, etc.

Thread the needle with the string and push it through the top of the first fir cone. (Diagram 1.) When the fir cone is big, this can be quite hard it is best to work on an old bread board or piece of wood and to wear gloves so as not to hurt your fingers.

Pull the thread through, leaving a short end.

Wind the end once round the top of the fir cone and make a knot.

Push the needle through the next cone, then the next. In the same way, thread the needle through the leaves. Proceed in this way until your garland is the desired length.

Hang the garland over a picture or over nails fixed in the wall or in a mantle piece.

Note: You can make the garland any length you want. 60 fir cones and a length of string about six foot (2 m) will make a garland long enough to decorate a chimney breast.



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