Cross Stitch Embroideries

You will need:
A piece of Aida fabric 4˝ x 4˝ (10 cm x 10 cm) see note 1
An embroidery needle
Embroidery threads
A wooden curtain ring 3
˝ (7½ cm) across
Card cut to the size of the curtain ring
Cotton wool

Note 1: It is important to know the ‘count’ of the fabric before you begin. The count is the number of holes per inch. The higher the count, the smaller the stitches will be. A count of 14 or 15 is probably most suitable for these patterns.


Choose the pattern you would like to do and select the colours you will need. It isn’t necessary to have the exact colours stated, just choose the closest appropriate colours that you have.

Fold the fabric in half both ways, to find the centre point. Mark the centre point on the pattern. This is where you will start.

Cut a length of embroidery thread – approx 20˝ (50 cm) – and separate two strands from the six. Thread the needle and begin.

When you have finished the embroidery. Position the curtain ring over it, in the centre, and draw round the outer edge with a pencil. Cut it out.

Place the cotton wool in the middle of the card, glue round the edge and place the embroidery on top of this (diagram 1).

Glue round the outer edge of the fabric and stick down the curtain ring. After the glue is dry, trim the edges of the card and fabric.

To Start and Finish Off: When you begin, leave the thread end at the back of the fabric (1˝ (2 cm) long) and fasten it down with the first few stitches to hold it secure. To finish off, weave the threaded needle through the back of the nearby stitches and cut off the thread.



Cross stitch 1

Cross stitch 2


Patterns for a Rose, a Carnation, a Butterfly, and a Daffodil (please see front cover for an idea of how the completed embroideries should look).

Colour key (the numbers in brackets are the DMC shade reference numbers):

X = dark green (319)

# = medium green (469)

▒ = pale pink (3824)

█ = medium pink (3706)

♥ = dark pink (309)

◙ = dark brown (838)


☼ = orange-yellow (742)

• = yellow (444)

< = pale green (772)

³ = grey-green (524)

Θ = orange-gold (741 )

The outline round the daffodil's petals is done in the orange-gold colour (Θ).

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