Felt Mouse

These little felt mice can be made in any colour, and are very easy to do. 

You will need:

Greaseproof paper


Embroidery thread (matching the felt)

Fleece wool or shredded tights

Black cotton


Trace the templates onto greaseproof paper. Cut them out.


Diagram one:

Diagram two:

Diagram 3:

Pin the template for the body onto the felt and carefully cut round it.
In this way, cut out three pieces of felt for the body and two for the ears.

Using a single strand of embroidery thread, sew the three body pieces together using over and over stitch. Leave one side half unsewn. (Diagram 1)

Stuff with the wool or shredded tights to make a firm body, and sew up the gap.

Sew the ears onto the either side of the head. You can pinch them as you work, to make them curved. (Diagram 2)

Use the black cotton to make a nose and two eyes (over and over stitch).
Finish off by passing the thread through the body and snipping it off where it comes out.

Cut out a piece of felt 9 cm x 0.5 cm for the tail. Sew it up lengthways and then sew it onto the body. (diagram 3)





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