This is a very easy and satisfactory instrument to make.

You will need:

A 14 cm (5˝) piece of elder or bamboo
(cut between nodes)

A wood rasp

A piece of plastic bag

String, or an elastic band



Take your piece of wood and check that it is hollow all the way through and that the hole is no smaller than 5mm (˝). (See note)

Using the rasp, make a hole in the piece of wood about 2 cm (˝) away from one of the ends. (Diagram 1)

Cut a 7 cm (3˝) square out of the plastic bag and fasten it to the other end of the piece of wood with the string or elastic band. The plastic should be held taught, but not so taught that it can not vibrate.

To play your kazoo put your lips to the hole that you made with the rasp and sing down it without articulating any words. The sound should be loud and quite harsh. Adjust the taughtness of the plastic to make the correct sound.


Note: If using elder, select a vigorous young branch, and cut off a 14 cm piece. Push out the inner pith using a knitting needle or crochet hook, then the hole can be broadened and cleaned with a round file.


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