This is an easy project which works really well!  It is great fun to paint and will fly even in the faintest breeze.

You will need:

A sheet of A4 writing paper
A small, light twig (preferably bamboo) 18 cm (7") long
Button thread or thin twine


1. Fold the paper in half.
        (diagram 1) 

 Diagram 1


2.Fold the top half diagonally, a centimetre (3/8") in from both corners.  (diagram 2)

Diagram 2

The piece of paper should now look like diagram 3. 

Diagram 3

3. Fold back the bottom flap as in diagram 4.

Diagram 4

4. The flaps now make the wings and the middle piece the keel.  
Staple the keel and punch three holes along its edge.
          (diagram 5)

Diagram 5

5. Hold the wings flat by sellotaping the small twig onto the front.  (see colour picture)

Note: If the twig is thinner at one end than the other, make it even by shaving down the thicker end.

7. Tie on the thread as shown in diagram 7 and adjust it if necessary.

Your kite is now ready to fly!

Diagram 7


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