Little Felt Man

This little felt man is one of the simplest dolls you can make.  All the same, it is probably a little too tricky for young children to do by themselves, and it might be more suitable for an older child to make (or at least to have the help of an older person whilst making it). It is an ideal Christmas present for a younger sibling or any child you may know, and it is sure to give the receiver hours of fun.

You will need:
3 squares of skin-coloured cloth, one 14 cm x 14 cm, and two 7 cm x 7 cm
Sheepís wool (or shredded tights) for stuffing
Strong thread
Red crayon
Needle and thread
Sheepís wool for hair and beard
2 pieces green felt, 12 cm x 8 cm
1 piece red felt 15 cm x 11cm



1.   Make three tight balls out of sheepís wool (or shredded tights), one 10 cm in circumference for the head, and two 5 cm in circumference for the hands.

Note: Make the ball for the head as tight and hard as possible.

2.   Put the balls in the centre of the squares of cloth and tie them up with the strong thread. (Diagram 1)
Trim off excess cloth on the two small balls.


Diagram 1

3.   Mark two eyes on the front of the head.
Thread the needle with brown thread and push it from the back to the front, then back again, leaving a small stitch for the eye. Cut the thread and repeat with the other eye. (Diagram 2)

4.   Tie the ends with a tight knot, to create eye sockets. Cut off the ends.
Draw on a mouth with a red crayon.

5.   Take a scrap of sheepís wool and wrap it round the head and around the mouth to create the hair and beard. Sew it on with matching thread, using small stitches.


Diagram 2

6.   Trace the 2 templates below onto a piece of paper and cut them out. The overall size of the cape should be about 10 cm x 14 cm. (Click here for a file which contains the exact size of the templates.) 
 Pin the paper on the felt and cut out a cape in red and two bodies in green.

7.   Sew together the two bodies with green thread using over and over stitch, leaving the neck unstitched.

8.   Stuff the body firmly and evenly with more of the sheepís wool. Put the head in the open end and sew round with small stitches.

9.   Fold the cape in half and tuck the hands in the ends. Sew in place with red thread. (Diagram 3)

10.Sew the cape round the neck of the head. The gnome is now finished.

Diagram 3


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