Marzipan Ducklings

To make your own marzipan, see the Marzipan Hares page.

You will need:

A piece of marzipan 5 cm x 5 cm and 2 cm thick for the ducklings
a 1 cm ball of marzipan for the flower

4 almonds for the ducklings
(plus two more if you want to make the flower and pool)

         A cocktail stick

         Cocoa powder

         Icing sugar


Easter Chick: (makes 4)

Firstly blanch the almonds. Fill a pan an inch deep with water and bring to the boil. Drop in the almonds and turn off the heat. Leave for five minutes.

Cut the marzipan into quarters and divide each quarter into 3 balls; one big, one small and one very small (diagram 1). Mould them into the shapes as shown in diagram 2. Make the eyes with the cocktail stick.

Squeeze the almonds out of their skins and split them in half. Press a half into either side of the duckling’s body.

Put the head on the body and dip the end of the beak into the cocoa powder before slotting it into the head. Make three grooves on the tail and dab a little cocoa powder onto the duckling’s back and head with the end of your finger. (Diagram 3)


Diagram 1

Diagram 2

Diagram 3




Divide the marzipan for the flower into 5 evenly-sized balls and one smaller ball. Squash the 5 balls flat.

Pinch each round at one side and put them together to make a flower (digaram 4). Put the little ball of marzipan in the centre.


Diagram 4


Mix 2 tablespoons icing sugar with a teaspoon of cocoa powder. Add 1˝ teaspoons of water and mix to a smooth paste.

Pour the icing over a small plate and wait till it has set a little.

Arrange the ducklings, flower and halved almonds (as leaves) on the icing pool, and keep in the fridge until ready to be eaten.


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