Marzipan Figures

To make your own marzipan, see the Marzipan Hares page.

You will need:
Icing sugar
Cocoa powder
A matchstick with the burnt end cut off
A small twig

 Make all the shapes in the picture below, and piece them together to make a snowman.  Before you put the hat on, dab it with a little cocoa powder and sprinkle icing sugar over the snowman.
The eyes and mouth can be made with the end of the matchstick, and the matchstick can be used as the handle for the broom.
 Father Christmas
Make and put together the Father Christmas pieces.  Sprinkle the beard and moustache with icing sugar and the hat and body with cocoa.
Note: Jam can be used to stick the marzipan pieces together.  Alternatively, you can pinch a prong in one piece and make a small hole in the other, then slot the pieces together (see diagram).

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