Paper Crane

This is a classic origami design.

You will need:

A square piece of thin paper. If you have origami paper, start with the colour that you want the crane to be, face downwards.


1.   Fold diagonally, bringing corner A to B.

2.   Fold the triangle in half bringing point C to D



3.   Take the top layer (E) of the triangle, and, inserting your thumb inside as shown, squash flat to make a square.


4.   Turn over and repeat step 3 on the other side.

5.  With the open folds at the bottom, fold the two corners F and G (top layer only) along the dotted lines to the centre, crease, and fold triangle H downwards, unfold.

6.   Take the very top layer of point I and bring it upwards, folding along the dotted line, at the same time folding the two sides inwards along the already established creases..

7.   Turn over and repeat steps 5 and 6 on the other side.


8.   Fold corners J and K to the centre line, along the dotted lines. Turn over and repeat on the other side.


9.   Bring the two long spikes L and M upwards and fold along the dotted lines; crease well and unfold.


10.  Now, taking hold of the left spike, change the central crease from a valley to a mountain fold and, using the creases made in 9, bring it partially inside the main body M. Repeat on the right spike.


11.  Fold the end third of the right spike (O) in on itself, along the dotted line (to make the head).

12.  Taking hold of the flaps P and Q, pull out to create the wings.

The crane is now finished.

Mountain fold

Valley fold

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