Hair Scrunchie

You will need:

Material of your choice, silk, cotton, velvet or other

5˝ (13 cm) piece of elastic (or less for a tighter scrunchie)

Needle and thread to match the material.



1. Cut a strip 22˝ (55 cm) by 4˝ (10 cm) out of the material.

2. Iron out the creases then fold under ⅜˝ (1 cm) of the cloth on one of the short sides to make a hem and press into place with the iron.

3. Fold the strip of cloth in half lengthways to make an even narrower strip and pin it in place. If your cloth has a wrong side, fold

Diagram 1

Diagram 2

Diagram 3

 it with this side showing as you will later turn it inside out.

4. Using tailorís chalk, or pencil, rule out a line 3/8˝ (1 cm) from the top of the strip (diagram 1) then sew along the line using backstitch. After you finish off, do not cut the thread but drop it, with the needle, through the tube. Use this to help you turn the material inside out.

5. Once the tube has been turned inside out, sew one end of the elastic firmly to the inside of the tube as shown in diagram 2, then scrunch up the cloth until the elastic shows through the other end. Sew it firmly into place.

6. Insert the frayed end of the tube into the hemmed end, and backstitch them together. (Diagram 3)
Even out the ruffles, and you have finished your scrunchie.




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