Teasel Hedgehogs

This is a very simple, though rather spiny, craft which children are sure to love. The finished hedgehog is really rather realistic, and very cute! In Autumn and Winter the dried heads of the teasel can be found in the hedges and beside roads. It is a tall, prickly weed which no one should mind you picking.

You will need:

1 teasel


3 large-headed pins, either with black heads, or with heads painted black


Trim the teasel stork to make a suitable length for the hedgehog’s nose and cut away the long spines around the face.

Cut the spines on one of the sides of the teasel so as to stop it from rolling.

Pierce one pin into the end of the stalk, for the nose, and two above, for the eyes, making a face. The hedgehog is now finished.
You can make several more: two big ones and some little ones will make a hedgehog family.

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