Starting a Garden

You can learn more from a garden than can ever be learnt from a school, a library full of books or a computer.

Even if you live in a flat in the centre of a big city, you can have a small garden on your window sill or on a balcony.

Sometimes small gardens are better than big ones. They are easier to look after and they allow you to give each plant the special care and attention that it needs.

If you don't have much space, then you should concentrate on growing vegetables. Vegetables that you grow in your own garden taste so much better than vegetables that you buy in the shops. Until you have tasted home-grown vegetables, straight from the garden, you do not know how good food can taste.

The easiest vegetables to grow are lettuce, radish, potatoes, spinach and peas. It is not difficult to grow vegetables but each one has to be cared for in a different way and it does require time and patience.

If you have plenty of space, you can also grow flowers, shrubs, herbs, fruit bushes and trees.

The secret of being a good gardener is not to do too much at a time. Each year, only plant those plants that you are able to look after properly. In that way your garden grows gradually and becomes a little more beautiful all the time.

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