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It is with great pleasure that I welcome people to the Gardening section of the Jamboree, because gardening is one of my very favourite activities.  I am myself fortunate enough to own a very large garden, which me and my family started from scratch about 10 years ago; at first I was disappointed that there were no established fruit trees, bushes or soil which has grown rich through long cultivation, but in a way I think that now I am glad for that.  I have been able to enrich impoverished soil, plant an orchard which should provide people with apples, pears, cherries and plums for hundreds of years, and choose beautiful bushes and flowers to my own taste.  This is the beauty of gardening; adding to the divine nature, which is so perfect, another perfection which is that of a human being, to create something incredible.  It has been said that one is nearer God's heart in a garden than anywhere else on earth, and to me this doesn't seem to be too far wrong; even in the midst of very un-peaceful surroundings, a garden - and especially one's own - can make one feel incredibly tranquil, and all the jobs that need to be done, such as planting, weeding, pruning, etc. all cool you out like nothing else.  
And so, apart from saying do it, it's great, little else can be said about gardening, and little help given except that which only helps to confuse.  However, I have been tempted to include a small vegetable book, which gives the basic information about certain vegetables, and some profiles of  trees and plants.  You might also find it interesting to read our article on STARTING A GARDEN.

Vegetable Book:
French Beans
Broad Beans

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Wood Sorrel



Crack Willow

Wild Cherry 
Native Plants