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Christmas Specials
Starting to Home Educate
Allerleirauh - SEVENTH instalment
Craft Corner - Marzipan Figures
Real history:  Thales and the Olive Presses

New Recipe - Mostaciolli
Traditional Winter Evergreens

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Editor's Letter - December
THE TWELFTH MONTH OF THE YEAR is finally here, and two thousand and three is very almost over; Winter is here again, and after all the other seasons have been and gone, and all the plants and animals have done their thing, everything seems very much the same as last December.  But for me things aren't  the same: the passing of another year, I am happy to say, has left me a richer person - one year older and wiser! - and I will try to make 2004 even better than 2003.
It must not be forgotten that December is a  festive month - the days are short and the nights cold, and all we need is a little extra cheer to help us through the darkest time of year. Because of this there is a special new feature this month entitled Christmas Specials, including a story written by Bethan and a 58 verse long Christmas poem which Wendy has written! Besides these the entire
Bip and Bop and Santa Leek can be read as well as the full 11 strips of Mr Superstitious's Christmas Reunion, so as you can see you should really go there now.
Besides our Christmas Specials, the big excitement of this month's issue is Wendy's lucid article on Home Educating, it is very good and a must-read; everything is covered - all questions answered and all doubts dispelled. I definitely give it five stars! 
In Allerleirauh we have arrived at the second-to-end instalment, and things have really reached the final climax. Allerleirauh once again goes to the ball, and as usual manages to slip away before she can be detained, but this time the prince has conceived a cunning plan, to make sure that he can find her again after the ball is over...
There are also the final halves of Bib and Bop and Santa Leek and Mr. Superstitious's Christmas Reunion, which can be seen on the Christmas Specials home page 
December's story from history must also be read as soon as possible, for who can bear not to know about Thales, and what he did with the olive presses, for another moment - certainly it was very lucky...or shall I say clever?
On Bethan's online Cookbook this month, the new recipe is mostaccioli, Italian
Christmas biscuits that are so good - actually, because of some difficulties with the recipe, we ended up making them three times successively, so by now I am just a little surfeited with them. 
As you can see to the left, new in Wendy's Craft Corner is Marzipan Figures, clear instructions for how to make an edible snowman and Father Christmas. They are extremely fun to make and look very fine once finished, and I really wish you all the best luck in making them.
In Gardening there is what to do in December, as well as a short article on Traditional Winter Evergreens - what people used to decorate their houses with before pine trees came along -  gorgeously illustrated with evergreen twigs, which I hope you enjoy.
There is also a new
link for an excellent website on tin whistles.
As an important last word, I would like to inform you that I'm going to completely redesign the Home Page for the New Year, and take off a lot of stuff;  for as you can see, the Home Page is too crowded!!
Anyway, I sincerely wish you a very merry Christmas, and a fantastic December!!!
Best Wishes  Samuel
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